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Lear’s Jet

Lear’s Jet

Published: Friday, September 02, 2016

Behemoths of Sales & Marketing, Lears, has been appointed as the exclusive UK distributor for the bFly-audio range and, as such, are now appointing a small number of dealers with exclusive UK territories.

bFly ( have three main categories of product: Absorption Platforms to dramatically improve the sound quality of equipment sitting on a Rack or Shelf; Absorbtion feet for sitting under fixed spiked feet or to totally replace removable equipment feet; Turntable platforms & Record Weights to enhance the performance of LINN LP12 & other Turntables.

The BaseTwo and PowerBase Absorption Platforms combine b-Fly’s expertise of absorption and electronic shielding techniques. The sonic result is a significant improvement in naturalness and transparency.

The body of the PowerBase Platform uses three coated layers of Bamboo combined with MLA (Multi Layer Adjustment) using different absorptive materials, namely Sorbothane®, cork and natural rubber, separated with a non-absorptive Metal Layer. The mid-range BaseTwo uses 30mm of multi-layered Birch instead of Bamboo. The PROfessional feet have four layers of Sorbothane®, rubber and granulate of cork-rubber in two different heights. In total, the PowerBase consists of 11 layers of absorptive materials! On the upper side of both units is an “eloxadised” plate of 3mm thick aluminium – the PowerBase also has a plate on the underside, spirally mounted with a damping polymer adhesive. This aluminium plate is bonded with a soft polymer adhesive – an absorption effect is achieved, whilst the aluminium plate also functions as an isolator and serves as a shield for high-frequency insolation. The PowerBase adds an earthing module for further reduction of electrical interference.

The new TALIS Loudspeaker Feet ensure effective elimination of ground vibration. This vibration originates from the speakers and manifests itself in every Hi-Fi system in the form of harmful microphonics. The additional black Glider at the base of the feet uses POM (Polyoxymethylene) which has excellent damping properties. The special shape of the Glider allows for optimal oscillation distribution. An added benefit is it is now much easier to move the speakers for optimum placement.

Spikes ‘dock’ the speaker on the ground. On unstable ground, such as laminate or parquet floors, this leads to an audible sound degradation. With TALIS, harmful vibrations can be substantially reduced. The PRO version includes a slice of the polymer Sorbothane, which is separated by a sheet-like insert (see the purple layer in the image below) between the cork and rubber ring. The selective separation of the two absorption layers ensures further improvements in isolation. The TALIS L can support a load of up to 400kg.

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