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Get Connected

Get Connected

Published: Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Does your business rely on TV? Then get along to the National Motorcycle Museum in Solihull on Wednesday April 26th, 09.30 to 17.00, for Evolving Connectivity 2017.

The myth that everyone will very soon be watching TV via broadband alone appears to be vaporising as more and more UK households purchase TVs that connect via an aerial for first choice viewing.

With the added bonus of catch-up services via a broadband connection, the public service broadcasters, enhanced by the addition of commercial operators like UK TV appear to be grabbing the major percentage of household viewing.

Will pay-TV be able to continue pushing subscription higher, or will more viewers turn away as costs keep rising? Is the BBC really heading for an IPTV future? Will Sky Q attract more customers with its new ‘dish-less’ offering?

Evolving Connectivity 2017 will attract a programme of keynote speakers who will explain our industry’s future as more of the TV spectrum is eroded in favour of mobile services.

Keynote Seminars

Registration – Show Opens

Les Hampson, Chairman, CAI
Introduction & Welcome
- CAI growth and development in the new era of audio visual delivery.
Simon Ayers, Chief Executive, TrustMark
TrustMark, Codes & Consumer Charters
- The impact of the Bonfield Review on consumer advice, protection and standards for businesses delivering service solutions to the home.

Short Break

Owen Jenkinson, Marketing Director, Freeview
The future of live, linear TV
- A Freeview overview of strategy for a hybrid future, whilst also questioning the strength of internet delivered TV and mobile viewing.

Kate Macefield, 700 MHz Programme Director, DUK
700 MHz reallocation
- An update on plans as we head towards a pilot scheme for 700 MHz reallocation.

Lunch Break

Alex Buchan, Head of Wireless Technologies, DTG & Peter Barnett, Director, Mandercom Ltd

DTG – R-Book 7 & RED in the face
- A look at the additions to R-Book 6 which will include Sky Q distribution and 700 MHz information resulting in R-Book 7 plus RED in the face - ‘you will be if you are not compliant’.

Andy Carr, Head of Supply Chain, Freesat
- Wideband, the single cable and channel stacking.

Gareth Jones, Business Development Manager, Sky UK
Sky TV & Sky Q
- The independent installer registration scheme.

Evolving Connectivity 2017 Closes

Don’t miss out on what is promising to be an informative and worthwhile event to attend, register here:

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